Best social media platforms for marketing in India

If you have a business that needs digital marketing, the most difficult task is to identify the social media platform that can generate the most business for you.

In deciding the social media platform for digital marketing in India there are many factors to keep in mind, few of which are:

• Number of users of that social media platform

• Demographic of users of that social media platform

• Time spent by users on that social media platform

• Buying capacity of your target audience on that social media platform

According to the latest data released by the Government of India in February 2021, there are following numbers of users on social media platforms.

  1. WhatsApp has 53 crore users.

  2. YouTube has 44.8 crore users.

  3. Facebook has 41 crore users.

  4. Instagram has 21 crore users.

  5. Twitter has 1.5 crore users.

Looking at the data it is evident that WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the most used social media platforms in India.